Sentence Examples with the word muller

Xv.; Ein Fragment der Bhagavati, by Professor Weber; Memoires de l'Academie de Berlin (1866); Nirayavaliya Sutta, edited by Dr Warren, with Dutch introduction (Amsterdam, 1879); Over de godsdienstige en wijsgeerige Begrippen der Jainas, by Dr Warren (his doctor-dissertation, Zwolle, 1875); Beitrage zur Grammatik des Jaina-prakrit, by Dr Edward Muller (Berlin, 1876); Colebrooke's Essays, vol.

The second, according to Max Muller and A.

Here he came under the influence of the historian, Ludwig Timotheus Spittler, from whom, as also from Johannes von Muller and Friedrich Schlegel, his historical studies received a fresh impulse.

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To the bottom and muller are attached grinding plates (shoes and dies), which are replaced when worn; and to the sides three wings to deflect the moving pulp towards the centre, and thus establish the necessary pulp current.

Schultze, Julius Muller (1879) and Julius Muller als Ethiker (1895).

Miller's Squamata and Nuda (1832), are merely new names for de Blainville's Ornithoides and Ichthyoides, though Muller gave far better anatomical characters of the two groups than had previously been put forward.

ADEVISM, a term introduced by Max Muller to imply the denial of gods (Sans.

The ingenious explanation suggested by Fritz Muller for similar cases met with in butterflies is probably the true answer.

In the Oscines or Polymyodi of Muller the number was either nine or ten - and if the latter the outermost of them was generally very small.

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