Sentence Examples with the word mullah

In October 1903 a new forward movement was begun, the mullah being still in the eastern Nogal, while he had also seized the Italian seaport of Illig, north of Obbia.

In 1899 the mullah began raiding tribes friendly to the British; in August of that year he occupied Burao, 80 m.

Overcoming in a remarkable manner the difficulties of operating in the dry season, Colonel Swayne harried the mullah incessantly, and followed him across the Haud into the more fertile region of Mudug in Italian territory, permission so to do being granted by Italy.

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From the mosque the procession goes to a private house, where a mullah recites the story of the martyrdom.

The British outposts extended to Saighan, in the Oxus basin, and to Mullah Khan, in the plain of Seistan.

But, just as Saddam has remained elusive, so have Osama Bin Laden and Mullah Umar.

The mullah was west of this line in the neighbourhood of Galadi.

By May the mullah had been driven out of the British protectorate and became a refugee among the Mijertin.

In December 1901 the mullah was, however, once more raiding in the neighbourhood of Burao, and in May Wars with 1902 Colonel Swayne led another expedition against the Mullah him, the Somali levies being strengthened by the 2nd Mahomme dKing's African Rifles, consisting of Yaos from Nyasa- Abdullah.

For some three years the mullah remained quiescent, but in Evacuation 1908 he quarrelled with the Mijertins and in 1909 he of the was again raiding tribes in the British protector Interior.