Sentence Examples with the word mulch

Nearly a month later black-face lambs are marked and the eild sheep are shorn - the shearing of mulch ewes being delayed till the second week of July.

In government it had to meet with the growing discontent of the Creoles, who found themselves treated as children, and their country looked on as a mulch cow.

A loose layer of earth spread over the surface of the soil acts in the same way, and a similarly effective mulch may be prepared by hoeing the soil, or stirring it to a depth of one or two inches with harrows or other implements.

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In 1900 the state had 497,245 horses, 198,110 mules, 364,025 dairy cows, 755,714 other neat cattle, 1,300,832 sheep and 2,008,989 swine; in 1910 there were in Kentucky 407,000 horses, 207,000 mules, 394,000 mulch cows, 665,000 other neat cattle, 1,060,000 sheep and 989,000 swine.

It is used in China, mixed with food, to give to mulch cows to improve the quality and increase the quantity of milk, and when mixed with lime as a size to impart a gloss to walls.

A mulch of half-decayed stable litter is useful to prevent loss of moisture in summer.

Constant hoeing or harrowing to maintain a natural soil mulch layer of 2 or 3 in.