Sentence Examples with the word mulberry

Broad, runs in a north-west - south-east direction, forming a fine avenue planted with plane and mulberry trees and with a stream of water running down its middle.

They made use of the vegetable fibres abounding in the islands, the women manufacturing cloth, chiefly from the bark of the paper mulberry (Morus papyrifera), but also in some islands from the bark of the bread-fruit tree and the hibiscus.

A consider- ' able silk production depends on the cultivation of the mulberry in the neighbourhood of Messina and Catania.

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A silk spinning moth, the ailanthus moth (Bombyx or Philosamia cynthia), lives on its leaves, and yields a silk more durable and cheaper than mulberry silk, but inferior to it in fineness and gloss.

Its natural food is the leaves of mulberry trees.

Locust, pawpaw, cucumber, buck-eye, black mulberry and wild cherry trees also abound, and the grape, raspberry and strawberry are native fruits.

The first essential is a stock of mulberry trees adequate to feed the worms in their larval stage.

The crops principally grown are maize, wheat, rice, grapes, mulberry leaves, tobacco, chestnuts, ' Some further details will be found in the Preliminary Report presented to the British Academy published in the Athenaeum, August 8th, 1908.

But the fibres used for manufacturing purposes are exclusively produced by the mulberry silk-moth of China, Bombyx mori, and a few other moths closely allied to that insect.

The ravages of pebrine and other diseases had the effect of attracting prominent attention to the numerous other insects, allies of the mulberry silkworm, which spin serviceable cocoons.