Sentence Examples with the word much

The alliance between pope, emperor and French king induced Henry to acquiesce in Cromwells scheme for a political understanding with Cleves and the Schmalkaldic League, which might threaten Charles V.s position in Germany and the Netherlands, but could not be of much direct advantage to England.

To these should be added the foundries and iron-working shops which add so much to the prosperity of modern Mexico.

He proposed to separate the fibre by purely mechanical means without any retting whatever; but after the Irish Linen Board had expended many thousands of pounds and much time in making experiments and in erecting his machinery, his entire scheme ended in complete failure.

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But the second time I went to the Land of Oz I owned the Nome King's Magic Belt, which is much more powerful than were the Silver Shoes.

With nine people in the dining room, there was too much distraction to start the orientation.

So much slaughter had gone on during that period of storm and stress that it was long impossible to excavate in any direction without coming on human remains.

And Blecourt by the 4th Div., but not all these gains could be maintained in face of repeated hostile counter-attacks, and at the end of the day the line ran much as before on the front of these two divisions.

Perles' essays are rich in suggestiveness, and have been the starting-point of much fruitful research.

It was used by Galileo as early as 1612, and came into English use much later, when it supplanted trunk and cylinder, the terms hitherto used to denote the telescope.

Your woraciousness, fellow-critters, I don't blame ye so much for; dat is natur, and can't be helped; but to gobern dat wicked natur, dat is de pint.