Sentence Examples with the word mu

The Mu river is navigable for three months in the year, from June to August, but in the dry season it can be forded almost anywhere.

The rainfall follows the valleys of the Mu and the Irrawaddy, and leaves the rest of the district comparatively dry.

Between these ranges and on both sides of the Mu is a plain, unbroken except for some isolated hills in the north and north-east and the low Sadaung-gyi range in the south-east.

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Rukneddin was only a nominal ruler, the real power being in the hands of his minister, Mu - in ed-din Suleiman, who in 1267 procured an order of the Mongol Khan Abaka for his execution.

The velocity of the string at P parallel to PM is U sin 4), and the mass of string passing P is mU per second, so that mU 2 sin is carried out per second.

Since the annexation of Upper Burma this has been extended to Mandalay, and the Mu Valley railway has been constructed from Sagaing to Myitkyina, a distance of 752 m.

Since the resultant is zero, mU 2 sin 4) - T sin ct.

The product mu of the mass into the velocity is called the momentum or (in Newtons phrase) the quantity of motion.

Each impinging molecule exerts an impulsive pressure equal to mu on the boundary before the component of velocity of its centre of gravity normal to the boundary is reduced to zero.

West of the Mu river, in the centre of the district, there is a gradual ascent to the hills which divide Sagaing from the Upper Chindwin.