Sentence Examples with the word mozart

He was a man of singularly handsome presence, not without mental qualities of a high order; he was devoted to the arts - Beethoven and Mozart enjoyed his patronage and his private orchestra had a European reputation.

With Mozart there is no temptation to do so.

For Mozart there never was any such embarras de richesse in any combination of instruments.

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Similar principles apply in infinite detail to the treatment of wind instruments, and we must never lose sight of them in speculating as to the reasons why the genius of Beethoven was able to carry instrumentation into worlds of which Haydn and Mozart never dreamt, or why, having gone so far, it left anything unexplored.

In the Mozart-Platz is a statue of Mozart by Schwanthaler erected in 1842.

The fruit of their efforts came to maturity in the Masses of Mozart and Haydn.

The house in which Mozart was born has been transformed into a museum, which contains many interesting relics.

With modern orchestral conditions the text seems positively to demand an unecclesiastical, not to say sensational, style, and probably the only instrumental Requiem Masses which can be said to be great church music are the sublime unfinished work of Mozart (the antecedents of which would be a very interesting subject) and the two beautiful works by Cherubini.

De Stendhal), Vies de Haydn, de Mozart et de Metastase (Paris, 1854); Karajan, Joseph Haydn in London (1861); C. F.

In 1769 Mozart heard it and wrote it down, and in 1771 a copy was procured and published in England by Dr Burney.