Sentence Examples with the word mozambique

When the main equatorial current reaches the African coast a minor stream is sent northwards to the source of the Indian counter-current, but the discharge is chiefly by the Mozambique current, which south of Cape Corrientes becomes the Agulhas current, one of the most powerful stream currents of the globe.

A year and the coast is washed by the warm Mozambique current.

Both the humidity and the temperature are increased by the great mass of water, the Mozambique current, flowing south from the equatorial regions.

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COMORO ISLANDS, a group of volcanic islands belonging to France, in the Indian Ocean, at the northern entrance of the Mozambique Channel midway between Madagascar and the African continent.

Crassicaudatus from Mozambique is the largest; together with G.

The fossils of the Cenomanian have affinities with those in the Cenomanian of Spain, Egypt, Madagascar, Mozambique and India.

Coast of the continent, from which it is separated by the deep Mozambique channel, 250 m.

The warm Mozambique current sweeps down from the N.E., setting up a back drift close in shore.

Off the east and south shores of the colony the Mozambique or Agulhas current sweeps south-westward with force sufficient to set up a back drift.

The Artiodactyla are the only group of ungulates known to have been represented in Madagascar; but since both these Malagasy forms - namely two hippopotamuses (now extinct) and a river-hog - are capable of swimming, it is most probable that they reached the island by crossing the Mozambique Channel.