Sentence Examples with the word movies

Like, hooking up with a stranger at a bar like they did in movies and a few sex positions she'd been subtly trying to talk him into.

The simple cut reminded her of something she'd seen in movies about ancient Rome: loose-fitted and airy, it was secured by a thin cord around her neck.

Anything that looks too much like The Matrix movies or The Terminator movies is just, well, kind of creepy.

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She didn't want to go, especially with the memories of the movies about his past still fresh.

She kept the movies playing, focusing on nothing other than the brothers' time together.

Under Hollywood's production code at the time, movies could not include nudity, criminal activity, or offensive language, or depict illegal drug use, venereal disease, or childbirth.

I guess I watched too many movies about spies to know how they really work.

Now kids are making animated movies on handheld tablets.