Sentence Examples with the word move through

On the view of the process of conduction described above, the amount of electricity conveyed per second is measured by the product of the number of ions, known from the concentration of the solution, the charge carried by each of them, and the velocity with which, on the average, they move through the liquid.

The word-painting of Virgil is wonderful sometimes; but his gods and men move through the scenes of passion and strife and pity and love like the graceful figures in an Elizabethan mask, whereas in the Iliad they give three leaps and go on singing.

Back-tracking the elk through the brush wasn't so difficult, but trying to move through the brush on horseback wasn't a simple thing.

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The Oscillatoriaceae are capable of a peculiar oscillatory movement, which has earned for them their name, and which enables them to move through considerable distances.

Both festivals, of course, belong to a lunar calendar, and move through the solar year every thirty-two years.