Sentence Examples with the word move around

Dean asked as he tried to move around the irate woman on the narrow walkway.

The most plausible explanation of this is that one or more masses of matter move around the sun, whose action, whether they are inside or outside the orbit of Mercury, would produce the required modification in the force.

The major planets all move around the sun in the same direction, from west to east, in orbits but little inclined to each other.

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They won't expect us to go that way, and we can move around in the lava field without leaving tracks.

You'll find your mate will move around a lot, but you can still make friends wherever you go, and immortals' mates are an amazing group.

He shows that, supposing the cloud of particles to move around the sun in nearly circular orbits immediately outside the earth, the perturbations by the earth in the motion of the particles will result in their retardation in that part of the orbit nearest the earth, and therefore in their always being more numerous in a given space in this part of the orbit Ethan in any other.