Sentence Examples with the word move

She could accept there was a magic way to move between places, if she was able to accept being the personal assistant to a vampire.

He believes that he is once more with Briinnhilde on the Valkyries' mountain height; and the harmonies of her awakening move in untroubled splendour till the light of life fades with the light of day and the slain hero is carried to the Gibichung's hall through the moonlit mists, while the music of love and death tells in terrible triumph more of his story than he ever knew.

Karl Hillebrand became involved, as a student in Heidelberg, in the Baden revolutionary move ment, and was imprisoned in Rastatt.

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I think it's about time to move him from his cradle to his crib.

Again, the meanness of my estate doth somewhat move me; for though I cannot accuse myself that I am either prodigal or slothful, yet my health is not to spend, nor my course to get.

She opened her eyes, afraid to move or even take a breath.

A non-theological Athanasius contra mundum, he has the truest missionary spirit, an intense faith which would seek to move the mountains of apathy and active opposition.

She plans to move up to Grand Junction, so Donnie can be near me.

But while this sleep, this dream is on ye, move your foot or hand an inch; slip your hold at all; and your identity comes back in horror.

France began to move in this direction in 1865, and has formulated elaborate provisions for their construction and regulation.