Sentence Examples with the word mouvement

At the same time the folklore, Finnish and partly Swedish, has been worked out with wonderful completeness (see L'Ouvre demi-seculaire de la Societe de Litterature finnoise et le mouvement national finnois, by Dr E.

In these years he had published De la correlation des figures de geometrie (1801), Geometrie de position (1803), and Principes fondamentaux del' equilibre et du mouvement (1803), all of which were translated into German.

The theorem of Torricelli was employed by many succeeding writers, but particularly by Edme Mariotte (1620-1684), whose Traite du mouvement des eaux, published after his death in the year 1686, is founded on a great variety of well-conducted experiments on the motion of fluids, performed at Versailles and Chantilly.

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Menault, Les Villes Neuves, leur origine et leur influence dans le mouvement communal (Paris, 1868); Curie-Seimbres, Essai sur les villes fondees dans le sud-ouest de la France sous le nom de bastides (Toulouse, 1880).

These congresses have been supplemented by national congresses in ' See Annuaire du mouvement pacifaste pour l'anne'e 1910, published by the Bureau International de la Paix, at Bern.

Science: Archives internationales de physiologic (1902), published by Leon Fredericq; La Cellule, recueil de cytologic et d'histologie generale (1884); Le Museon (1882); Le Mouvement geographique (1884); Le Musee belge (1897) Revue chirurgicale belge et du nord de la France (1901).

Legendre, in 1783, extended Maclaurin's theorem concerning ellipsoids of revolution to the case of any spheroid of revolution where the attracted point, instead of being limited to the axis or equator, occupied any position in space; and Laplace, in his treatise Theorie du mouvement et de la figure elliptique des planetes (published in 1784), effected a still further generalization by proving, what had been suspected by Legendre, that the theorem was equally true for any confocal ellipsoids.

In 1744 Alembert applied this principle to the theory of the equilibrium and the motion of fluids (Trcite de l'equilibre et du mouvement des fluides), and all the problems before solved by geometricians became in some measure its corollaries.

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