Sentence Examples with the word mouthful

He took the piglets from his pocket and let them run on the grass, and Jim tasted a mouthful of the green blades and declared he was very contented in his new surroundings.

Pete sprayed a mouthful of coffee with his snicker.

If you choose to come nearer we will make a mouthful of you in a wink; but unless you do you will remain quite safe.

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Almost like the cat's eyes, who snatched a mouthful of food and ducked under the bed again.

Slowly they walked along the path toward the nearest cottage, the piglets racing and gambolling beside them and Jim pausing at every step for another mouthful of grass.

She swam as far from the beach as she could, expelled her breath, then drew in a mouthful of water.

Koo-loo! howled Queequeg, as if smacking his lips over a mouthful of Grenadier's steak.

He stared at her intently while he chewed a mouthful of food.

The first mouthful tasted like bitter honey and she drank the bottle down, sighing again.

She choked down a mouthful of food.