Sentence Examples with the word mourn

He wanted to mourn and tread water until the inevitable.

No one would mourn her.

I mourn him, but he died doing what he was trained to do.

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I do try not to mourn his death too sadly.

So wherever he goes he does many wonderful works; he builds bridges over every stream, as transparent as glass, but often as strong as iron; he shakes the forest trees until the ripe nuts fall into the laps of laughing children; he puts the flowers to sleep with one touch of his hand; then, lest we should mourn for the bright faces of the flowers, he paints the leaves with gold and crimson and emerald, and when his task is done the trees are beautiful enough to comfort us for the flight of summer.

Now she can mourn him in peace.

She died in 1 549, to the great grief of her husband, who never ceased to mourn her loss.

When the king of Persia, Shapur, captured Mazaca-Caesarea, the Cappadocian capital, Samuel refused to mourn for the 12,000 Jews who lost their livesin its defence.

I only ask this of you, my dearest Joshua; that you not tell my family how I lived, and that you mourn not my passing.

Let her mourn her drowned husband.