Sentence Examples with the word mounting

Succeeded in mounting them with all necessary rigidity free from flexure but have given them optically true plane surfaces, notwithH standing their large diameters, viz., II and 15.7 in.

This change is usually effected by mounting the objective and eyepiece on two telescoping tubes, so that by drawing apart or pushing in the tube length is increased or diminished at will.

At a little distance from the palace we might easily mistake it for a mountain whose peaks were mounting heavenward to receive the last kiss of the departing day.

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Lutf Ali Khan took refuge in the town of Barn; but the governor of Narmashir, anxious to propitiate the conqueror, basely surrounded him as he was mounting his faithful horse Kuran to seek a more secure asylum.

He was powerless against the mounting flood of desertion and demoralization in the army, and he was the first of the ministers to resign in despair.

Obviously, nearly every kind of crane can be made portable by mounting it on a carriage, fitted with wheels; it is even not unusual to make the Portable Scottish derrick portable by using three trucks, one under the mast, and the others under the two back legs.

One great drawback to this system was that elevation was given with reference to the plane of the racers upon which the mounting moved, and as this was not always truly horizontal grave errors were introduced.

She returned the kiss, thrilled by his passion and her own mounting hunger.

Dolokhov was a long time mounting his horse which would not stand still, then he rode out of the yard at a footpace.

They consisted of three great lines, strengthened by about 150 redoubts, and earthworks Vedras, of various descriptions, mounting some 600 cannon; 1810-11.