Sentence Examples with the word moulding

All kinds of vessels were blown, both with and without moulds, and both moulding and cutting were used as methods of decoration.

When Darwin and Wallace framed their theories it was practically assumed that acquired characters were inherited, and the continuous slow action of the environment, moulding each generation to a slight extent in the same direction, was readily accepted by a generation inspired by Sir C. Lyell's doctrine of uniformi tarianism in geological change, as a potent force.

If a thousand like gears are to be cast, a thousand moulds must be made up, at least to an important extent by hand, for even machine moulding leaves something for careful manipulation by the moulder.

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Transfused into their writings, his spirit has had a large share in moulding the philosophic thought of the 19th century, and it has also been widely influential beyond the schools.

Some of the political writers have played an important part in moulding public opinion on certain questions, as in the case of A.

In the vicinity are deposits of bituminous coal, fire-clay and moulding sand.

In such a state of things it was the business of the philosopher to set forth the outlines of the coming epoch, as they were already moulding themselves into shape, amidst what the ordinary eye saw only as the disintegration of the old forms of social life.

Between the pediment and the cornice a thick corded moulding is carried round the main building.

Greater freedom of moulding and the use of trefoil and cinquefoil may be, but need not be, explained in this way.

Electrical furnaces have not as yet been employed for ordinary glass-making on a commercial scale, but the electrical plants which have been erected for melting and moulding quartz suggest the possibility of electric heating being employed for the manufacture of glass.