Sentence Examples with the word motor home

He'll ditch the motor home and change his plans, if he has any.

That's why he packed up his motor home and left town.

Fred explained that the New York sister was staying in her motor home at a local campground.

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The search for the motor home is broadening out but so far, no sightings.

Then he added, but it's a fact there was a motor home there.

We don't even know the motor home is his.

There are video pictures of the motor home entry from Canada back into the United States.

Because he parked the motor home in some campground near Norfolk, then transferred the bike to his car, stashed the bike somewhere down the beach and used it the next morning, like you said, to get back to the motor home.

The dates a motor home made the trip in and out stack up perfectly.

He's not only seen Howie's flying saucer but he had proof, pictures with little green men, and an owner's manual to their ship, and, by his definition a self-centered jerk with most of his brain somewhere on an Interstate highway or a motor home grill stands in his way from announcing his findings and waiting for a call from the Nobel committee.