Sentence Examples with the word motivation

Good. He'll have more motivation to find you.

There is no necessary connexion between Edwards's doctrine of the motivation of choice and the system of Calvinism with which it is congruent.

Perhaps you need some motivation to do what you should.

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More likely it was motivation they lacked.

As an observer, I can tell you there's a great deal of motivation for someone in his position to betray you.

Elise needed no other motivation than her friend was in trouble, and Brady hadn't yet digested how such tiny devices could collapse the countries of the world.

Determination was her motivation to stand up to the bully.

This seems motivation enough, Jule said.

Jackson could see this guy needed some motivation to move fast.

He loved to learn them, to explore the depths of the human motivation for keeping them and eventually, to use them against those around him.