Sentence Examples with the word motionless

Is a form of motion, and the desire of the soul is for the motionless rest which belongs to the One.

Instead of the moving horses and hussars' backs, he saw nothing before him but the motionless earth and the stubble around him.

Their feet are all more or less webbed, but in swimming they are said to keep these organs motionless by their sides.

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His neighbor on the other side, who lay motionless some distance from him with his head thrown back, was a young soldier with a snub nose.

Through the terrible and deafening roar of those voices, amid the square masses of troops standing motionless as if turned to stone, hundreds of riders composing the suites moved carelessly but symmetrically and above all freely, and in front of them two men--the Emperors.

The young when first hatched are clothed with mottled down, so as closely to resemble a stone, and to be overlooked as they squat motionless on the approach of danger.

She stood motionless for a moment, staring.

And even that ruined and befouled house--which in dull weather was repulsively ugly--seemed quietly beautiful now, in the clear, motionless brilliance.

The beautiful Armenian still sat motionless and in the same attitude, with her long lashes drooping as if she did not see or feel what the soldier was doing to her.

He lay motionless on the ground.