Sentence Examples with the word motile

Independent movement is effected by special motile or- gans, the cilia or flagella.

By sensitiveness to chemical substances in their surroundings - a property which is not peculiar to them but is possessed by various unicellular organisms, including motile bacteria.

R, J, K, L); and, finally, many actively motile forms have the cilia springing all round (Peritrichous), e.g.

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Sporogenous rodlets, spindle-shaped: - Clostridium (Prazm.), motile (peritrichous).

In Synura and Chromulina the cells form a spherical motile colony, recalling Volvocaceae.

The motile copula or ookinete formed in the gnat gives T.

In ordinary arable soil there exist motile rod-like bacteria, Bacterium radicicola.

Ploimoidaceae; subconical; corona bilobed; retractile foot absent or ciliated; motile appendages present in two families.

One of the most important discoveries made during the latter part of the 19th century was that by Ikeno, a Japanese botanist, who first demonstrated the existence of motile male cells in the genus Cycas.

Whether a spore results from the sexual union of two similar gametes (zygospore) or from the fertilization of an egg-cell by the protoplasm of a male organ (oospore); or is developed asexually as a motile (zoospore) or a quiescent body cut off from a hypha (conidium) or developed along its course (oidium or chlamydospore), or in its protoplasm (endospore), are matters of importance which have their uses in the classification and terminology of spores, though in many respects they are largely of academic interest.