Sentence Examples with the word motel

We're in adjoining rooms at a cheap motel that's not noted for its sound insulation.

The motel consisted of 40 units on two floors, ten to either side of a main entrance that led to the office and restaurant.

When he came back to the motel in the morning to drop them off, I told him how I'd found them.

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At first he lay awake, conscious of every sound the motel uttered, fearful that Cynthia Byrne might waken to God knows what thoughts and fears.

He slipped the motel key in the left shoe and then rolled each sock, pushing it into its corresponding shoe.

The motel was an independent, adequate at best, barely holding its own against the national chains.

In his right hand he clutched the motel key.

In order to minimize expenditures, Dean planned to skip the motel bit and camp out on the tour.

Our motel was at least five or six miles up the coast highway through town.

After handshakes and a brief chat, the pair left in Dean's pool car for the motel where Vinnie Baratto awaited.