Sentence Examples with the word most people

He was one of those medical prodigies that mentally existed on a level too removed for most people to follow.

I also argue that most people in tedious jobs know they are capable of more than what they are doing and they want more challenging work, especially if it also pays better.

The conversation turned on the contemporary gossip about those in power, in which most people see the chief interest of home politics.

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Of course, but most people prefer the carpet.

Gabe shifted in time to see the portal close behind the half-demon, Rhyn, whose muscular form, crackling aura and cunning, liquid silver eyes sent most people running the opposite direction.

All the kings, except the Chinese, wear military uniforms, and he who kills most people receives the highest rewards.

Sleuthing mostly, but it didn't take me long to realize that most people give a lot away if you listen and observe profoundly.

The computers would then see that most people who got better bought their radishes in stores stocked from certain farms.

To her other defects (as most people thought them, but which to Pierre were qualities) of untidiness and neglect of herself, she now added stinginess.

In much of his writings, and in his general attitude, there was to most people an undertone of rather nasty suggestion which created prejudice against him, and his novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray (1891), with all its sparkle and cleverness, impressed them more from this point of view than from its purely literary brilliance.