Sentence Examples with the word most

The finest parts are among the most magnificent in the west; among its falls are the American (Oneida and Blaine counties), and the Shoshone and the Salmon (Lincoln county).

I'll take you on tours into the areas where we most often see the animals, but they are not kept in cages, so I can't guarantee you will see any specific animal on every tour.

In the lowlands and on the lower mountain slopes the forests are composed chiefly of broad-leaved trees, common among which are the bamboo, the coco and other palms, and the banyan tree; but on the higher mountain slopes pines are most abundant.

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There is also a corresponding diffusion o f Japanese and Chinese forms along this zone, these being most numer - ous in the eastern Himalaya, and less frequent in the west.

It derives its prosperity from the fact that it is the most important custom-house in Spain for the overland trade with the rest of Europe.

For most offences there was some generally recognized punishment - such as death for murder or adultery; but often vengeance would fall upon another person instead of the wrongdoer.

The most distinguished of those who came The were Santa Rakshita, Padma Sambhava and Kamala Sila, for whom, and for their companions, the king built a splendid monastery still existing, at Samje, about three days' journey south-east of Lhasa.

This defence of the poetic point of view against brute force and common sense was admirably constructed and it proved one of the most popular of his plays.

Wellington retreated as far as Salamanca, and there extricated himself from his peril by a most brilliant victory (July 22).

The lastnamed method has proved little more than that there is a remarkable similarity between the zooids of all recent corals, the differences which have been brought to light being for the most part secondary and valueless for classificatory purposes.