Sentence Examples with the word moss

From this time onwards the Humber formed the boundary between the two kingdoms. In 684 we hear of the first English invasion of Ireland, but in the following year Ecgfrith was slain and his army totally destroyed by the Picts at a place called Nechtansmere (probably Dunnichen Moss in Forfarshire).

England was prepared, and on the 23rd of November routed and drove into Solway Moss a demoralized multitude of farm-burning Scots.

Where the way was formed on the level, drains were cut on each side of the intended line, and were intersected here and there by cross drains, by which the upper part of the moss was rendered dry and firm.

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It is chiefly composed of moss and wool, lined internally with grass, wool, feathers, and whatever soft material the locality affords.

Some of the species grow better when altogether taken out of the soil and fixed to blocks of wood, but in this case they require a little coaxing with moss about the roots until they get established.

The Galapagos Islands are of some commercial importance to Ecuador, on account of the guano and the orchilla moss found on them and exported to Europe.

The brief war was finally concluded by the convention of Moss on the 14th of August 1814 (see Norway: History).

They shelter in crevices of the bark of trees, in the dried stems of herbaceous plants, or among moss and fallen leaves on the ground.

His master's friend, the man with eyes as green as the moss in the corner of Two's room, stood in his doorway.

He looked up, surprised to see his master's friend in his doorway, the man with eyes the color of the moss in the corner of his room.