Sentence Examples with the word moselle

In 1790 he was elected municipal officer of Thionville, and was sent by the department of Moselle to the Legislative Assembly.

Some of the tributaries of the Moselle also produce wines which in quality approach those of the parent river.

Indeed, many connoisseurs hold that when a Moselle ceases to show signs of the somewhat prolonged secondary fermentation, characterized by the slight prickling sensation produced on the palate (caused by the presence of bubbles of carbonic acid gas in the wine), that it has passed its best.

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On the Moselle the Riessling and the Kleinberger are the chief growths.

The best-known growths of the Moselle are those of Brauneberg, Bernkastel, Piesport and Zeltingen.

Here another entrenched camp was made and from it the Moselle line (qv.) of forts darrit continues the barrier to Belfort (q.v.), another large entrenched camp, beyond which a series of fortifications at Montbliard and the Lomont range carries the line of defence to the Swiss border, which in turn is protected by works at Pontarlier and elsewhere.

The Moselle runs from S.

The right bank of the Moselle is bordered for some distance by pleasant promenades, and an extensive park surrounds the ruins of an old stronghold which dominated the Grande Ville from an eminence on the east.

On the Prussian side, von Alvensleben's Corps (III.) shortly after daybreak was moving north-westward from the Moselle in two columns, on the right the 5th division, via Gorze and Flavigny on Vionville, on the left the 6th division with corps artillery by Arnaville on Mars-la-Tour, von Alvensleben himself riding a little in advance between the two.

German Army was crossing the Moselle near Thionville and about to descend on him from the north.