Sentence Examples with the word mortally

Maritz was brought into the British camp mortally wounded, 1 The Anglo-Liberian frontier, partly defined by treaty in 1885,, was not delimitated until 1903 (see Liberia).

At Kandern, on the 10th of April, he made a vain effort to persuade the leaders to submit, and was about to order his troops to attack when he was mortally wounded by the bullets of the insurgents.

At the Carouge, a suburb of Geneva, the meeting took place on the morning of August 28, 1864, when Lassalle was mortally wounded, and he died on the 31st of August.

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The attendants then withdrew, and while Henry was reading the letters Clement mortally wounded him with a dagger which had been concealed beneath his cloak.

Sture was mortally wounded at the battle of Borgerund, on the 10th of January, and the Danish army, unopposed, was approaching Upsala, where the members of the Swedish Riksrad had already assembled.

To study the skillful tactics and aims of Napoleon and his army from the time it entered Moscow till it was destroyed is like studying the dying leaps and shudders of a mortally wounded animal.

About to deliver a counter-attack when he himself fell mortally wounded.

Thisbe returned to the rendezvous, and finding her lover mortally wounded, put an end to her own life.

As a young and beautiful soldier, he is a favourite subject of sacred art, being most generally represented undraped, and severely though not mortally wounded with arrows.

He was buried, according to his own wish, at Lexington, where a statue and a memorial hall commemorate his connexion with the place; and on the spot where he was mortally wounded stands a plain granite pillar.