Sentence Examples with the word morphine

The possession of morphine by medical practitioners is also safeguarded by well-defined limitations.

The amount manufactured in 1906-1907 was 346 lb of morphine hydrochlorate, 12 lb of the acetate and 61 lb of codeia.

Irritation of sensory nerves tends to cause contraction of the vessels, and to raise the blood pressure, and where pain is ffi, present opium or morphine is the most efficient sedative.

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The quantity of morphine that any one may legally possess, and then only for medicinal purposes, is in India 10 grams, and in Burma five.

The pharmacology of opium differs from that of morphine (q.v.) in a few particulars.

Distilled with zinc dust morphine yields phenanthrene, pyridine and quinoline; dehydration gives, under certain conditions, apomorphine, C17H17N02, a white amorphous substance, readily soluble in alcohol, either and chloroform.

Of morphine hydrochloride and gr.

It is to be noted that children, who are particularly susceptible to the influence of certain of the other potent alkaloids, such as morphine and strychnine, will take relatively large doses of atropine without ill-effect.

The sudden withdrawal of morphine should therefore never be practised with takers of large quantities of the drug, but gradually diminishing doses given by the physician should be substituted.

In pain due to violent sciatica relief and even permanent cure has been obtained by the injection of morphine directly into the muscle of the affected part, and in the treatment of renal and hepatic colic morphine given subcutaneously will relieve the acute pain consequent on the passage of biliary and urinary calculi.