Sentence Examples with the word mormons

See the bibliography under Mormons and under Utah; and particularly E.

Nor do the proselytizing enterprises of Seventh Day Adventists, Christian Scientists, Mormons and other American bodies rightly find a place here.

The large English immigration is to be ascribed to the successful proselytizing efforts of the Mormons in England.

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The Mormons first came here in 1847; an advance party led by Orson Pratt and Erastus Snow entered the Salt Lake Valley on the 22nd of July.

The history of the city is largely that of the Mormons and in its earlier years that of Utah (q.v.).

In later times the Mormons in America provide the most notable instance of the revival of polygamy.

The organization adopted in Utah among the Mormons is found also in Alberta, but the Canadian Mormons profess to have received a later revelation condemning polygamy.

They remained until 1846-1847, when the Mormons came, built many cabins, and named the place Kanesville.

The Mormons claim more than 4000 adherents, whose principal settlement is at Laie, on the north-east shore of Oahu; the first Mormon missionaries came to the islands in 1850.

In 1828 (to 1832) a fortified trading post was established near La Junta in the Arkansas valley on the Santa Fe trail; in 1834-1836 several private forts were erected on the Platte; in 1841 the first overland emigrants to the Pacific coast crossed the state, and in 1846-1847 the Mormons settled temporarily at the old Mexican town of Pueblo.