Sentence Examples with the word morley

Harcourt (commissioner of works), Mr John Morley (India) and Sir Henry Fowler (duchy of Lancaster) retained their offices, the two latter being created peers.

Sarah Churchill became Anne's lady of the bedchamber, and, by the latter's desire to mark their mutual intimacy and affection, all deference due to her rank was abandoned and the two ladies called each other Mrs Morley and Mrs Freeman.

In 1882 the wealthy manufacturer and philanthropist Samuel Morley began to take an interest in the affairs of the Hall, and in 1884 he joined the executive committee.

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Lord Salisbury resigned in August, and was succeeded by Gladstone, with Lord Houghton (afterwards earl of Crewe) as lord-lieutenant and Mr John Morley as chief secretary.

The bill was withdrawn on the 11th of August 1903, Lord Morley appealing to the Board of Trade to bring in a more comprehensive measure to amend the unsatisfactory state of legislation in relation to tramways and light railways.

Mr. Thomas Morley was admitted with a gunshot wound to his leg, sustained, according to him, when he was mugged in an alley while taking a short cut to his car.

In English the essays of Carlyle and Viscount Morley (1872) are both in their way invaluable, and to a great extent correct one another.

Other sections of the party were strongly represented by Mr John Morley as secretary for India, Mr Bryce (afterwards ambassador at Washington) as chief secretary for Ireland, Sir R.

WILLIAM MORLEY PUNSHON (1824-1881), English Nonconformist divine, was born at Doncaster, Yorkshire, on the 29th of May 1824.

WILLIAM STUBBS (1825-1901), English historian and bishop of Oxford, son of William Morley Stubbs, solicitor, of Knaresborough, Yorkshire, was born on the 21st of June 1825, and was educated at the Ripon grammar school and Christ Church, Oxford, where he graduated in 1848, obtaining a first-class in classics and a third in mathematics.