Sentence Examples with the word moravian

In 1777 Spangenberg was commissioned to draw up an idea fidei fratrum, or compendium of the Christian faith of the United Brethren, which became the accepted declaration of the Moravian belief.

In 1902 was brought out at Calcutta Sarat Chandra Das's Tibetan English Dictionary with Sanskrit synonyms, a massive volume compiled with the aid of Tibetan lamas and edited by Graham Sandberg and the Moravian missionary A.

Geographers style this the Moravian Gate.

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Salem was founded in 1766 by Friedrich Wilhelm von Marschall (1721-1802), a friend of Zinzendorf, and the financial manager of the board controlling the Moravian purchase made in North Carolina in 1753, consisting of 100,000 acres, and called Wachovia.

Johann Friedrich Bbttger made his famous discovery in 1710, and the manufacture of porcelain was begun at Meissen, and in this reign the Moravian Brethren made their settlement at Herrnhut.

The first settlement in the vicinity was made in May 1772, when Moravian Indian converts migrated from Pennsylvania (Friedenshiitten, Bradford county, and Friedenstadt, Lawrence county) to Schoenbrunn, called by the Indians Welhik-Tuppeek, a spring (now dry) a little south of the present New Philadelphia.

Worked through the Moravian and Basel societies until 1862, when it began independent work and concentrated on the Tamil population of South India.

It is chiefly known as the principal seat of the Moravian or Bohemian brotherhood, the members of which 1,re called Herrnhuter.

At Lindsey House Count Zinzendorf established a Moravian Society (c. 1750).

He as vainly sought to secure Luther's adoption of a strict rule of church discipline, after the manner of the Moravian Brethren.