Sentence Examples with the word morally

The Pucelle, if morally inferior, is from a literary point of view of far more value.

He was only five years old when his father died, and his sister Henriette, twelve years older than Ernest, a girl of remarkable character, was henceforth morally the head of the household.

All those who have swallowed their pride and endured an injustice out of fear of losing their job, or have compromised their values for the same reason, or have worked for a morally dubious company out of fear of being unemployed, know this to be true.

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The best feature of the Data of Ethics is its anti-ascetic vindication of pleasure as man's natural guide to what is physiologically healthy and morally good.

Calm self-love Hutcheson regards as morally indifferent; though he enters into a careful analysis of the elements of happiness,' in order to show that a true regard for private interest always coincides with the moral sense and with benevolence.

Moreover, such a thing is both physically and morally impossible.

This increase of villenage morally depressed the peasantry, and widened still further the breach between the yeomanry and the gentry.

Moral elements must enter into theism at some point: and, as against empiricism, intuitionalism is morally strong.

The black man is not simply a morally and intellectually undeveloped European, and education, except in rare instances, does not put him on an equality with the European.

But morally he stood aloof.