Sentence Examples with the word morale

His writings include: Della economia pubblica e delle sue attinenze con la morale e col diritto (Bologna, 1859), and La Chiesa e lo Stato (Milan, 1878).

In 1783 he was crowned by the academy of Nancy for his Eloge de la poesie, and in 1788 by that of Metz for an Essai sur la regeneration physique et morale des Juifs.

Guyau, La Morale d'Epicure et ses rapports avec les doctrines contemporaines (Paris, 1878; revised and enlarged, 1881); F.

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In1840-1841we have Cours d'histoire de la philosophie morale au XVIII' siecle (5 vols.).

In the Systeme social (1 773), the Politique naturelle (1773-1774) and the Morale universelle (1776) Holbach attempts to rear a system of morality in place of the one he had so fiercely attacked, but these later writings had not a tithe of the popularity and influence of his earlier work.

In attempts to do so, alike in national and in state politics, it impaired its morale by internal dissension, by intrigues,and by inconsistent factious opposition to Democratic measures on grounds of ultra-strict construction.

The so-called first edition of the Speculum Majus, including the Speculum Morale, ascribed to Johann Mentelin and long celebrated as the earliest work printed at Strassburg, has lately been challenged as being only an earlier edition of Vincent's three genuine Specula (c. 1468-70), with which has been bound up the Speculum Morale first printed by Mentelin (c. 1 473-7 6).

In La Reforme intellectuelle et morale (1871) he endeavoured at least to bind her wounds, to safeguard her future.

His speculations were carefully criticized by Cousin (see his Cours d'histoire de la philosophie morale au dix-huitieme siecle, pt.

In 1796 he was made a member of the Institute, was appointed to a professorship of political economy, and founded tin Journal d'economie publique, de morale et de legislation.