Sentence Examples with the word moraine

It was entirely covered with the bottom moraine of the great ice-sheet of the Glacial Epoch, resting upon Silurian sandstones and limestones.

Hence their bottoms are generally ice-worn or strewn over with moraine stuff.

Their origin is attributed by some to the moraine formation of former glaciers.

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The locality of least annual thermometric range is Lake Moraine (10,268 ft.

There is evidence also that glacial moraine formations from time to time may have largely affected the catchment area of these tributary streams. It would be as rash to assert that from Lake Victoria no waters could ever have issued with an eastward flow as it would be to state that 'from Chakmaktin none ever flow westwards.

Still, the reindeer frequents it for its lichens, and on the drier slopes of the moraine deposits there occur four species of lemming, hunted by the Arctic fox (Vulpes lagopus).

The great terminal moraine of the glacial epoch crosses the N.E.