Sentence Examples with the word moorland

Birkenhead Park was opened in 1847, Mersey Park in 1885; while a tract of moorland 6 m.

A large acreage of high-lying moorland near the city is maintained by the corporation as a public recreation ground.

Its territories, far from the centres of European civilization and consisting largely of mountain, moorland and forest, were bounded on the north by the Minho, on the south by the Mondego.

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The best example of these folds is the axis of Leinster, its core being occupied by granite which is now exposed continuously for 70 m., forming a moorland from Dublin to New Ross.

The central peninsula contains some marshland and moorland pasture, on which a few thousand sheep graze; but the rest of the island consists merely of dunes or sandhills.

The railway traverses this pleasant district of moorland and wood to Silkeborg, a modern town having one of the most attractive situations in the kingdom.

Although there are long stretches of marshy moorland along the coast, the soil is on the whole productive.

The greatest extent of moorland is found in the westernmost parts of the plain, in Oldenburg and East Frisia.

On the west side these extend from Blacklow Hill to Axe Edge; on the east, from Derwent Edge to near Derby; outlying masses form the rough moorland on Kinder Scout and the picturesque tors near Stanton-by-Youlgreave.

M., only one-ninth is cultivated, most of the surface being moorland and mountain.