Sentence Examples with the word moonless

The faintest stars visible to the naked eye on clear nights are of about the sixth magnitude; exceptionally keen, well-trained eyes and clear moonless nights are necessary for the perception of stars of the seventh magnitude.

It was a moonless night and the perpetrator cut the power, pitching the farm house into total darkness.

If it were worth the while to settle in those parts near to the Pleiades or the Hyades, to Aldebaran or Altair, then I was really there, or at an equal remoteness from the life which I had left behind, dwindled and twinkling with as fine a ray to my nearest neighbor, and to be seen only in moonless nights by him.

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It is noteworthy that he could see the zodiacal band across the entire sky during the whole of every very clear moonless night in tropical regions.

On a clear moonless night one person may count eight or ten shooting stars in an hour.

It was a dark moonless night and I was too far from town for streetlights.

Death was almost seven feet tall, built more solid than a tree trunk with hair and eyes darker than a moonless night.

The night was moonless and the dark covered them like a cloak the deeper they descended into the blackness of the gorge.