Sentence Examples with the word moon on

In 1856 William Ferrel showed that the action of the moon on the ocean tidal waves would result in a retardation of the earth's rotation, a result, at first unnoticed, which was independently reached a few years later by Delaunay.

The fine atmosphere of the Lick observatory was well adapted to this work, and a complete photographic map of the moon on a large scale was prepared which exceeded in precision of detail any before produced.

The whereabouts of this moon on which you claim exile have been leaked off-planet.

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Owing to the action of the moon on the earth, as it performs its monthly revolution in an orbit slightly inclined to the ecliptic, the centre of the earth itself deviates from the plane of the ecliptic in a period equal to that of the nodal revolution of the moon.

He sought to determine the distance and magnitude of the sun, to calculate the diameter of the earth and the influence of the moon on the tides.

Kiera tugged at the moon on her necklace as she walked down the hall toward the video game room.