Sentence Examples with the word moon

This is a cycle of 18 years II days, or 223 lunations, discovered at an unknown epoch in Chaldaea, at the end of which the moon very nearly returns to her original position with regard as well to the sun as to her own nodes and perigee.

The moon reached its peak before he'd finished inspecting the walls and greeting its guards.

Oscil., a copy being presented to me, in my letter of thanks to him I gave those rules in the end thereof a particular commendation for their usefulness in Philosophy, and added out of my aforesaid paper an instance of their usefulness, in comparing the forces of the moon from the earth, and earth from the sun; in determining a problem about the moon's phase, and putting a limit to the sun's parallax, which shews that I had then my eye upon comparing the forces of the planets arising from their circular motion, and understood it; so that a while after, when Mr Hooke propounded the problem solemnly, in the end of his attempt to prove the motion of the earth, if I had not known the duplicate proportion before, I could not but have found it now.

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The moon was covered by clouds, and she crumpled the notes she'd taken.

His immediate successors, being men of humble origin and submissive character, made no pretensions to such an exalted position, but when the haughty, ambitious and energetic Nikon, who enjoyed in large measure the affection and favour of the devout Tsar Alexius, became patriarch, he took Philaret as his model, and propounded, like the popes in western Europe, the doctrine that the spiritual is higher than the temporal power, the former corresponding to the sun and the latter to the moon in the firmament.

This intimate relation with women has been held a proof that Hera was originally a moon-goddess, as the moon is often thought to influence childbirth and other aspects of feminine life.

But, although they then received perhaps their earliest quasiscientific organization, the mansions of the moon had for ages previously figured in the popular lore of the Bedouin.

Kiera tugged at the moon on her necklace as she walked down the hall toward the video game room.

The sun's distance is the indispensable link which connects terrestrial measures with all celestial ones, those of the moon alone excepted; hence the exceptional pains taken to deter mine it.

As the varying phenomena presented by the moon grow out of its orbital motion, the general character of the latter will be set forth in advance.