Sentence Examples with the word moo

Even taking Great Britain and Ireland together, the loss by emigration per annum has not been very large, as is shown by the following table :- Annual Emigration per moo of the Average Population of Great Britain and Ireland.

The remedies for weight on foreign coins are in general greater than those allowed in the British Empire, averaging 2 per moo for gold coins.

The Misiones territory of the extreme north-east belongs to the older highlands of Brazil, is densely wooded, and has ranges of hills sometimes rising to a height of moo to 1300 ft.

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Over moo silver denarii, all coined before 63 B.C., were found at Faesulae in 182 9.

The highest elevations, from 800 to moo ft.

On the Mississippi river, Cypress and Amos Bayou in Arkansas, forming part of the general system which extends through other states, moo m.

The second and third series containing only about 400 species, the Aglypha still present the appalling number of moo species, and even the grouping of this mass into three sub-families does not lighten the task of arranging the chaos, since one of these sub-families contains only one, and the other but a very few species.

Below St Louis, after a course of fully moo m.

In thickness is said to be adapted for measuring fields of the order of moo units.

The system reached from Kentucky and Virginia across Ohio, and from Maryland across Pennsylvania and New York, to New England and Canada, and as early as 1817 a group of anti-slavery men in southern Ohio had helped to Canada as many as moo slaves.