Sentence Examples with the word monthly

The Jamaica Magazine (1812-1813), the Jamaica Monthly Magazine (1844-1848), and the Victoria Quarterly (1889-1892), which contained many valuable articles on the West Indies, were other magazines.

The Philippine government also maintains here a bureau of science which publishes the monthly Philippine Journal of Science, and co-operates with the Jesuits in maintaining, in Ermita, the Manila observatory (meteorological, seismological and astronomical), which is one of the best equipped institutions of the kind in the East.

There was a monthly exchange of oaths, the kings swearing to rule according to the laws, the ephors undertaking on this condition to maintain the royal authority (Xen.

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Lundy was then publishing in Baltimore a small monthly paper, entitled The Genius of Universal Emancipation, and he resolved to go to Bennington and invite Garrison to join him in the editorship. With this object in view he walked from Boston to Bennington, through the frost and snow of a New England winter, a distance of 125 m.

Observations for temperature have been taken for many years at the stations of the Indo-European Telegraph and for a few years at the British consulate in Meshed, and the monthly and annual means shown in the following table have been derived from the indications of maximum and minimum thermometers in degrees Fahrenheit.

He waited, as if she'd reveal enough dirt to make his monthly quota then added, They'll probably suspend your license.

Next came Lippincott's Magazine (1868) from Philadelphia, and the Cosmopolitan (1886) and Scribner's Monthly (1870, known as the Century Illustrated Magazine since 1881) from New York.

These certificates must be kept on file and lists of children employed must be posted by employers; labour inspectors receive monthly lists from local school boards of children receiving certificates; and children under 16 are not to work more than 10 hours a day or 60 hours a week, or between 7 p.m.

In 1906 the city had, in addition to numerous weekly and monthly periodicals (English, NorwegianDanish, Swedish, German, French), four dailies, the Tribune (1867), the Journal (1878), and the News (1903), all in English, and the Tidende (Norwegian-Danish), established as a weekly in x851.

New literary and scientific reviews are: L'Alighieri, rivista di cose dantesche (1889); Giornale dantesco (1894); Giornale storico della letteratura italiana (1883); Studi di letteratura italiana (1899); Studi medievali (1904); L' Arcadia, periodico mensile di scienze, lettere, ed arti (1889); Periodico di matematica per l'insegnamento secondario (1885); Rivista di matematica (1891); Rivista philosofica (1899); Rivista d'Italia, monthly at Rome.