Sentence Examples with the word monte carlo

Katie pretended to listen as Hannah discussed the Paris fashion show she'd attended and the month in Monte Carlo she'd spend in January to escape the coldest weather.

On the north lies the bay of Monaco; along the lower ground on the west of the bay stretches the health and bathing resort of Condamine, with orange-gardens, manufactures of perfumes and liqueurs, and the chapel of Ste Devote, the patron saint of Monaco; to the north of the bay on the rocky slopes of the Spelugues (speluncae) are grouped the various buildings of the Casino of Monte Carlo with the elaborate gardens and the numerous villas and hotels which it has called into existence.

It includes the towns of Monaco (3292), Condamine (6218) and Monte Carlo (3794) The principality at one time included Mentone and Roccabruna, now known as Roquebrune, which towns, however, were ceded to France in 1861 for a sum of four million francs.

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There appear to have been gambling-tables at Monte Carlo in the year 1856, but it was in 1861 that Francois Blanc, seeing his tenancy at Homburg coming to an end, with no hope of renewal, obtained a concession for fifty years from Charles III.