Sentence Examples with the word montana

The Proterozoic formations have yielded a few fossils in several places, especially Montana and northern Arizona; but they are so imperfect, their numbers, whether of individuals or of species, are so small, and the localities where they occur so few, that they are of little service in correlation throughout the United States.

The town was laid out in the same year, and after the organization of Montana Territory it was designated as the capital.

Cacao is another montana product, although like coffee it is cultivated in the warm valleys of the sierra, but the export is small.

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California Colorado Idaho Montana Nevada New Mexico Oregon Utah Washington Wyoming 185,936 1,445,872 I,611,271 602,568 951,154 504, 1 68 203,893 388,310 629,293 135,470 605,878 7,263,813 expensive construction and heavy charges.

Fossil remains of mammals, fish and reptiles found in the Tertiary deposits of south-western Montana are preserved in the Carnegie Museum at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, and in the museum of the university of Montana.

The southern half of the montana is watered by streams flowing from the eastern Andes, which go to form the river Madre de Dios or Amaru mayu, the principal branch of the river Beni, which falls into the Madeira.

The main range of the Rocky Mountains separates that part which is drained west into the'Columbia river and the Pacific Ocean from that which is drained east into the Missouri and Mississippi rivers and the Gulf of Mexico, and from a very small part which is drained north-east into Hudson Bay; the water-parting which in Montana separates the drainage into Hudson Bay from the drainage into the Gulf of Mexico crosses only the north-west region of Teton county.

The three leading producing states or Territories of the Union are, and since the early eighties have been, Arizona, Montana and Michigan.

The state educational institutions are the university of Montana (1895), at Missoula, the normal college at Dillon, the college of agriculture and mechanic arts (1893) at Bozeman; and the school of mines (1900) at Butte.

The Great Plains in Montana slope from about 4000 ft.