Sentence Examples with the word montagu

He was probably intended to watch the conduct of his colleague, Admiral Montagu (afterwards 1st earl of Sandwich), who was in command of the Baltic squadron.

By his marriage with Mary, daughter of Edward Wortley Montagu of Wortley, Yorkshire, who in 1761 was created Baroness Mount Stuart of Wortley, and through whom he became possessed of the enormous Wortley property, he had, besides six daughters, five sons, the eldest of whom, John, Lord Cardiff (1744-1814), succeeded him as 4th earl and was created a marquess in 1796.

The original letters, however, of Danby to Montagu have now been published (by the Historical MSS.

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Committed to custody for a libel on his superior, James Montagu (1568?-1618), bishop of Bath and Wells.

In 1678 Charles, taking advantage of the growing hostility to France in the nation and parliament, raised his price, and Danby by his directions demanded through Ralph Montagu (afterwards duke of Montagu) six million livres a year (30o,000) for three years.

Vaughan and Dr Montagu Butler, but while he was always conspicuously successful in inspiring a few senior boys with something of his own intellectual and moral enthusiasm, he was never in the same measure capable of maintaining discipline among large numbers.

Young, and Montagu House, the residence of the duke of Buccleuch.

Of Duke of Portland, including the Harley Papers, Duke of Buccleugh at Montagu House, Lord Kenyon, Marq.

Which Somers and Montagu on the one hand and Harley and St John on the other had taken part, there was no prime minister except so far as one member of the administration dominated over his colleagues by the force of character and intelligence.

Both Montagu and Graves, to say nothing of other writers, state that the ruffs, in England, were far more numerous than the reeves; and their testimony can hardly be doubted; though in Germany J.