Sentence Examples with the word montagne

At Geneva the mountain was in former days named the Montagne 1Vlaudite, but the present name seems to have been always used locally.

The promontory terminates in a bold headland, the Montagne des Singes, with seven distinct peaks.

The town lies at the foot of an extinct volcano, the Montagne St Loup, and is built of black volcanic basalt, which gives it a gloomy appearance.

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The earlier deposits of that sea now rise to the surface in Brittany, the Ardennes, the Montagne Noire and the Cvennes, and in all these regions they arc intensely folded.

The council of Geneva had joined in the condemnation of Emile, and Rousseau first solemnly renounced his citizenship, and then, in the Lettres de la montagne (1763), attacked the council and the Genevan constitution unsparingly.

Of the former the remnants are now seen in Brittany and the Ardennes; of the latter the Cvennes and the Montagne Noire are the last traces visible on the surface.

In La Montagne (1868), the last of the natural history series, the tricks of staccato style are pushed even farther than by Victor Hugo in his less inspired moments, though - as is inevitable, in the hands of such a master of language as Michelet - the effect is frequently grandiose if not grand.

Under various local names (the Garrigues, the mountains of Espinouse and Lacaune) and with numerous offshoots the range extends south-east and then east to the Montagne Noire, which runs parallel to the Canal du Midi and comes to an end some 25 m.

Of French works Professor Ernest Denis's Jean Hus, et la guerre des Hussites (Paris, 1878), Fin de l'independance boheme (2 vols., 1890), and La Boheme depuis la Montagne Blanche (2 vols., 1903), give a continuous account of Bohemian history from the beginning of the 15th century.

Other prominent summits are the Trois Mamelles, the Montagne du Corps de Garde, the Signal Mountain, near Port Louis, and the Morne Brabant, at the southwest corner of the island.