Sentence Examples with the word monstrous

In some instances, however, the feet of such polydactyle horses bear little resemblance to those of the extinct Hipparion or Anchitherium, but look rather as if due to that tendency to reduplication of parts which occurs so frequently as a monstrous condition, especially among domesticated animals, and which, whatever its origin, certainly cannot in many instances, as the cases of entire limbs superadded, or of six digits in man, be attributed to reversion.

From this period the mixed and monstrous figures, semi-theriomorphic, semianthropomorphic, hawk-headed and ram-headed and jackal-headed gods become common.

B, Monstrous leaf with spoon-shaped depression.

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Henry's next move was to bring a monstrous charge against the clergy, accusing them of having violated the ancient laws of praemunire in submitting to the authority of papal legates (although he himself had ratified the appoint m ent of Wolsey as legate a latere).

What other marvels might have been rummaged out of this monstrous cabinet there is no telling.

Down as fast as they grew, but that changed conditions of life have rendered them unnecessary, and they now develop into a monstrous form, just as the incisors of the beaver and rabbit will go on growing if the opposite teeth do not wear them away.

The well-known monstrous representation of her, as a figure with many breasts, swathed below the waist in grave-clothes, was probably of late and alien origin.

A monstrous intrigue was suspected for the alliance of the eastern autocrat with the Jacobinism of all Europe, which would have issued in the substitution of an all-powerful Russia for an all-powerful France.

The Swords of the Titans are monstrous blades, eight in number, 50 ft.

BARGHEST, BARGUEST or Bargest, the name given in the north of England, especially in Yorkshire, to a monstrous goblindog with huge teeth and claws.