Sentence Examples with the word monotheistic

Up to this time the chief results were that (r) Christianity had gained a footing, (2) it had continued the monotheistic modification of Indian thought begun by Mahommedanism, and (3) the futility of sporadic and fanatical proselytism had been shown.

The same problems in a different context confronted the monotheistic religions of Judaism and Christianity.

Hence throughout the subsequent periods of Babylonian history, and despite a decided progress towards a monotheistic conception.

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They have attained the highest culture, profess the purest forms of monotheistic religion, and have brought all the people of the black type and many of those of the yellow under their domination.

Came under this monotheistic movement, and attempted to suppress all other cults except that of the sun-deity, of which he 2 Cf.

Page Renouf, in his Hibbert lectures, Origin and Growth of Religion as illustrated by that of Ancient Egypt (1879), p. 89 foll., pointed out this monotheistic tendency in Egyptian religion, as did de Rouge before him.

Hymns were then addressed to Amen-re, which are almost monotheistic in expression.

Theistic Contents philosophy thinks of God as the absolute being; and of every monotheistic religion insists, not indeed that theology.

It is noticeable that this kind of worship is not accorded in rigidly monotheistic systems, e.g.

So far as one can speak of a monotheistic tendency in Babylonia it connects itself with this conception that was gradually crystallized in regard to the old solar deity of Babylon.