Sentence Examples with the word monophysite

A law student who had been converted from paganism, he became a monophysite monk at Alexandria.

About 57 1 Paul of Asia, the orthodox or Chalcedonian patriarch, began (with the sanction of the emperor) a rigorous persecution of the Monophysite Church leaders, and John was among those who suffered most.

But harmony was not thus to be restored; hardly had the council dissolved when the church was plunged into the Monophysite controversy.

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Some of the Monophysite churches, e.g.

Another early Monophysite was Simeon of Beth Arsham, who by a series of journeys and disputations within the Persian empire did all he could to prevent the triumph of Nestorianism among the Persian Christians.

I Paul, speaking for the monophysite bishops, had said that what was particularly repugnant in the definition of Chalcedon was the implication of two wills in Christ.

The Monophysite Timothy of Alexandria (A.D.

But both these were Monophysite and of limited use, and the Nestorians still went on using the Peshito.

As a theologian, Ephraim shows himself a stout defender of Nicaean orthodoxy, with no leanings in the direction of either the Nestorian or the Monophysite heresies which arose after his time.

He took a prominent part, on the orthodox side, in the Monophysite and Origenistic controversies.