Sentence Examples with the word monograph

Though the poet Ede Szigligeti has immortalized his memory in the play Bela III., we have no historical monograph of him, but in Ignacz Acsady, History of the Hungarian Realm (Hung.), i.

The British Eocene and Oligocene strata yield so large a flora, and contain plant-beds belonging to so many different stages, that it is unfortunate we have still no monograph on the subject, the one commenced by Ettingshausen and Gardner in 1879 having reached no farther than gocene 79 g Oli of Great the Ferns and Gymnosperms. This deficiency makes it impossible to deal adequately with the British Eocene plants, most of the material being either unpublished or needing re-examination.

No special monograph for the whole reign exists.

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See Life by his son (2 vols., London, 1884), and a monograph by C. F.

His chief philosophical works were an edition of the The'odicee of Leibnitz (1874), a monograph on Locke (1878), Devoirs et droits de l'homme (1880), Glissonius utrum Leibnitio de natura substantiae cogitanti quidquam tribuerit (1880)-, De La solidarite morale (4th ed., 1893).

Hort, and was delivered in the form of lectures as far back as 1884, though issued posthumously only in 1901; the other is the elaborate monograph of Dr Hans Waitz (1904).

In 1865 appeared his monograph on Henry the Lion, duke of Saxony and Bavaria, which was followed by three volumes on the emperor Frederick Barbarossa (Kaiser Friedrich I., Danzig, 1871-1874).

Bowker, South African Butterflies, a Monograph of the Extra-Tropical Species (3 vols., 1887-1889); G.

He was also author (with John Lycett) of A Monograph of the Mollusca from the Great Oolite (Palaeontographical Soc., 1850-1853).

Rothschild's Monograph of the Genus Casuarius (1899, quarto); R.