Sentence Examples with the word monkish

Nestor, an old monkish chronicler Origin of Kiev, relates that in the middle of the 9th century of the the Slav and Finnish tribes inhabiting the forest region around Lake Ilmen, between Lake Ladoga and the upper waters of the Dnieper, paid tribute to military adventurers from the land of Ras, which is commonly supposed to have been a part of Sweden.

Evidence of a boundless credulity with regard to all sorts of monkish fables is to be met with everywhere.

But it is to his credit that he has been himself at the trouble to refer to the principal sources used by Socrates (Rufinus, Eusebius, Athanasius, Sabinus, the collections of epistles, Palladius), and has not unfrequently supplemented Socrates from them; and also that he has used some new authorities, in particular sources relating to Christianity in Persia and to the history of Arianism, monkish histories, the Vita Martini of Sulpicius, and works of Hilarius.

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There also he wrote the life of St Paul of Thebes, probably an imaginary tale embodying the facts of the monkish life around him.

It was a small number of monkish communities whose care of those narrow channels prevented their ever drying up altogether.

The metal-workers of the East, especially in brass and steel, were renowned for their skill even in the time of Theophilus, the monkish writer on the subject in the 13th century.

He fancied that he had to deal with a mere monkish quarrel; at one time he even imagined that a little money would set the difficulty at rest.

At about the same time the pope, on the petition of the emperor Matthias II., released Pazmany from his monkish vows.

It seems more probable that a special invasion was assigned to them by later writers in order to explain the presence of mythical personages going by their name in the heroic cycles, as they were found inconvenient by the monkish historians.

He tells us that he was brought up under monkish influences and his history bears him out.