Sentence Examples with the word monkey

The motor field of the cortex is, taken altogether, relatively to the size of the lower parts of the brain, larger in the anthropoid than in the inferior monkey brains.

Rhyn wouldn't saddle himself with a blood monkey he had to actually take care of voluntarily.

In the savannas the most characteristic trees are the monkey bread tree or baobab (Adansonia digitata), doom palm (Hyphaene) and euphorbias.

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The head monkey at Paris puts on a traveller's cap, and all the monkeys in America do the same.

At least he'd thought enough of his blood monkey to bring her here, if only to keep her healthy so he had a food source.

Nothing a blood monkey could understand.

Next to these comes the monkey (saru), which dwells equally among the snows of the north and in the mountainous regions of the south.

Unless you wanna leave my blood monkey alone.

Albino specimens of this monkey are not uncommon, but the pure white monkeys, not albinos, said to inhabit Mindanao, are mythical.

Amongst these the most famous were Goshun (1742-1811), who is sometimes regarded as one of the founders of the school; Sosen (1757-1821), an animal painter of remarkable power, but especially celebrated for pictures of monkey life; ShhO, the younger brother of the last, also an animal painter; ROsetsu (1755-1799), the best landscape painter of his school; Keibun, a younger brother of Goshun, and some later followers of scarcely less fame, notably Hoyen, a pupil of Keibun; Tessan, an adopted son of Sosen; Ippo and YOsai (1788-1878), well known for a remarkable set of volumes, the Zenken kojitsu, containing a long series of portraits of ancient Japanese celebrities.